Sunday, 6 September 2009

A germ

Busy building some germs and doing some animation tests, here's a photo:

More pics of these critters to come.


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Cat Evolution

The cat in the film "Mr. Darcy" is going to be a hand puppet. Here's some photos of it in its very early stages (constructed from socks and love):

Here's another in progress image with fur:

More images to come.


The Concept

Emily is a young girl living in "The Saddest Town in the World". Every morning she wakes up and works all through the day, taking on countless thankless chores. Without her the town would probably wither up and die, as each and every townsperson are simply to sad to do anything themselves.

Each episode tells the tragic backstory of an individual townsperson, bookended by the over-arching story of how Emily's life of chore and toil came to change the town forever. Episode one "Betty" tells the story of Betty Scrubblepot, the town cleaner, a darkly comic Poe-esque fairytale of laundry, monstrous germs and a grumpy cat.

The series will utilise several different filmmaking methods, for example episode one will contain minatures, greenscreen, stop motion animation and traditional puppetry (all with live action actors).



The crew as it stands.

Director/Writer/Production Designer: John Wilkinson
Director of Photography: Maiya Davies
Producer: Derek Ewers
Gaffer: Cenay Said
Camera Operator: Sam Ebrahim
Art Directors: Ben Simpson and Sam Dyson
Music: Alex Brade


The Saddest Town in the World

Hi all,

Welcome to the first post of what I hope to be a nice prolific blog documenting my various film productions and writings. I am currently in the mad run up to shooting the first episode of a series entitled "The Saddest Town in the World", that I am writing and directing.

Here's a peice of concept art I did a while back to tantalise: